These candidates say “YES” to bluestone :)


All Candidates standing in the Moreland Council Elections  have been offered the opportunity to respond to a single question – YES or NO:

Do you support the motion put to  the meeting of the Moreland Council held Wednesday 8th of August, 2012:

“ That the existing City of Moreland Policy of protection of places by application of a heritage overlay be extended to all bluestones and bluestone lanes consistent with The Burra Charter and the established evidence base guidelines developed by the Cities of Whitehorse and Port Phillip.”

The complete list of YES Candidates will be published in the local press after October 8th, the closing date for Candidates to make their commitment.

The Nominations to stand as a candidate for the Moreland City Council 2012 elections closed at 12 noon on Tuesday, 25 September 2012. All Councillor Candidates with listed addresses with the Victorian Electoral Commission have now been contacted by email.

YES Candidates WEEK 1:

The YES Candidates have been listed below by ward.  If you are unsure of your ward, you can check the Moreland Council ward map here.

10 Councillor Candidates who have committed themselves to be YES Candidates are:

North-East Ward (4 vacancies)



Business Hours: (03) 9386 5216
Mobile: 0447 698 170
stellakario@gmail.comELRAFIHI, Mohamed

North-West Ward (4 vacancies )


Mobile: 0431 059 545

 YESILYURT, Zeynep, Alesio



South Ward (3 vacancies)


mjforster@y7mail.comHOPPER, Meghan

Mobile: 0421 807 303 meghan_b_hopper@hotmail.comTAPINOS, Lambros

Mobile: 0411 227 284

lambros.tapinos@gmail.comCARMODY, Michael

Mobile: 0402 642 825
carmody.moreland@gmail.comGROVES, Derham 

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